Concussion Rehab

Concussion Rehab

Can Concussions Be Prevented?

“A Well managed concussion is the best form of prevention.”

Concussion baseline testing is recommended for higher risk sports, including but not limited to; football, soccer, rugby, ice hockey, boxing, wrestling, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, cheerleading, volleyball, gymnastics, softball, baseball.

Concussion Management:

For sports-related concussions, motor vehicle accidents and other head injuries we offer:

  • Baseline Testing
  • Team clinics
  • Education and Prevention Techniques
  • Post-injury Evaluations
  • Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Return to Sport

Our Evidence-based rehabilitation program follows phases focused on:

  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Oculomotor Therapy
  • Athletic Performance Training
  • Balance Training
  • Education and Prevention Techniques
  • Concentration and Memory
  • Neck Strengthening
  • Progressive Exertion

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