Services - Transitional Physical Therapy

Transitional Physical Therapy

This unique program provides skilled therapy services at every stage of your recovery, whether in the home, clinic or workplace. Our expert therapists will come to you to assure that you receive the treatment you need wherever you need it throughout the recovery cycle.

In the Home

We’ll inspect the surroundings, remove loose rugs, move obstructive furniture, and educate the patient and family members on how to move around the home safely, avoiding falls and re-injury. We will also teach the patient proper body mechanics in the home environment and ensure that the patient understands post-operative precautions and restrictions.

In the Workplace

The same therapy team that follows the patient in the home setting can also offer job-site physical therapy, workplace ergonomics assessment, and injury-prevention consultation. These on-site services facilitate an early return to work and help assure close communication among patient, employer, insurance company, and the healthcare team.

CORE Fitness Plan

At Spine & Sport, CORE is dedicated to the successful treatment of neck and/or back pain. We educate and advocate the value of exercise when it comes to life-long fitness and overall quality of life.

It’s Easy to Use

– No appointment needed
Quick. Less than 20 minutes per session
– Supervised by trained professionals who keep you motivated
– Specialized strengthening equipment that isolate the CORE muscles not available in health clubs


– Increased Muscle Tone
– Increased Bone Density
– Increased Metabolism
Improve the quality of your life!!

The CORE workout is delivered through a series of specialized exercise equipment that isolates and strengthens the lower back, neck, lats/arms, shoulders, abdomen, upper back, buttocks and legs. After an initial orientation session members will be able to utilize equipment independently under the supervision of our trained staff.

Start Feeling the CORE Benefits Today…