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About Spine & Sport Physical Therapy – Southern & Northern California

Spine & Sport Physical Therapy empowers people to unlock their human performance potential. Our team of expert physical therapists uses a multidisciplinary approach to help you return to action after an injury or surgery, manage pain and improve chronic conditions.


Together, we make healthy happen.

Physical Therapists Who Take Your Progress Personally

About Us



We are patient-focused and take pride in achieving a high-level of client satisfaction. Our physical therapists have a passion for helping others heal and creating individualized and efficient care plans that treat the cause of the condition, not just the symptoms. Our staff is highly-trained in the latest physical therapy techniques. But just as importantly, our physical therapists are motivation experts and educators, providing the essential tools you’ll need for lasting rehabilitation.


Paths to Your Rehabilitation

We offer full-service physical therapy for a wide range of patients, focusing on a well-paced, healthy comeback for all.

Physical Therapy

Physical Rehabilitation | Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehab | Exercise | Balance | Strengthening | Aquatic Therapy

Sports Therapy

Injury Prevention | Sports Injury Rehabilitation | Concussions | Performance

Workers’ Comp
Functional Capacity Evaluations | Work-Related Injuries | Ergonomics | Work Conditioning

Pain Management

Injuries | Chronic Pain

PT Clinics Near You

Spine & Sport Physical Therapy has 40+ physical therapy clinics in California and growing. We offer extended weekday and weekend hours for improved access and convenient scheduling. Each location is clean and modern, providing general physical therapy, evaluations, specialty programs and state-of-the-art equipment. We also have English and Spanish-speaking staff (plus other languages) at many locations to better serve our diverse clients.

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Together, We Make Healthy Happen

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