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Physical Therapy Testimonials for Irvine

Testimonials for Irvine from patients

Our physical therapists have a passion for helping others heal, and everyone at Spine & Sport Physical Therapy is driven by our patients’ success and satisfaction. When patients send us their words of thanks and appreciation, we feel especially honored to have helped them return to their favorite activities.

Testimonial for Irvine Spine & Sport Physical Therapy from Patient Lisa playing tennis
Lisa S.

Lisa loves tennis – and our team

Lisa had not been to physical therapy in 20 years, but had absolutely no hesitations jumping all in for the severe pain she was having in her right knee. Unable to manage the pain on her own, she knew she needed help, which led her to Spine & Sport Physical Therapy. Lisa was motivated and determined to heal in order to get back to her favorite sport – tennis.

Her knee pain became a hindrance, she was no longer able to bend her knee, let alone play tennis. As a dedicated tennis player, she was incredibly disappointed having to quit her two tennis leagues.

Lisa truly appreciated the fact that her physical therapist was patient, explaining everything in a way that was easy for Lisa to understand. “It was the best PT experience l’ve ever had! You are an amazing team of very special people!”

Lisa loves how comfortable and relaxed the environment is in our clinic. She constantly tells us how impressed she is with our staff because everyone is incredibly caring, sensitive, professional and always puts the patients first. Every time Lisa walks into our clinic she has a smile on her face and tells us how much she loves our team. It is safe to say that the feeling is mutual, and we are honored to be part of her recovery journey. We love seeing how well she is doing and to hear how happy she is playing tennis again. She says that she feels like there is nothing she can’t do since graduating from PT.

Discovering the deep-rooted cause

“I first came to Spine & Sport Physical Therapy when I had an emergency issue with my hip that caused some extremely sharp pain and shortness of breath. After my first session with Tanner, he explained the deep-rooted cause of the issue and made a plan with me. I came in weekly for six weeks and have never felt better. l could barely sit in a chair or stand for too long without hip pain.

More than anything, l appreciate all of the knowledge the therapists provide to you in order for you to be successful after your sessions. l still use the stretches, exercises and other techniques Tanner taught me today! My advice to new patients is, to be honest about your pain level, and practice your exercises at home (the therapists will know if you’re not). Listen to them; they know what they’re talking about.”
– Shelby H. 

Testimonial for Irvine Spine & Sport Physical Therapy from Patient Mike
Mike C.

Success means no more slip-ons

Mike started at Spine & Sport Physical Therapy Irvine in November of 2016, back when we were Envision Sport. He was one of the first ever patients at our Irvine location. After suffering from arthritis in both hips for more than 15 years, he decided it was time for a change. At first, he was very skeptical about physical therapy, and admit s he had a negative outlook on the whole process. But, when Mike’s doctor told him that he would need both hips replaced, he decided it was worth a try. In July of 2017, after a few months of physical therapy, Mike had his left hip replaced. He wasted no time, and was back in PT weeks after surgery. In November of 2017, he had his right hip replaced.

He shared that the biggest accomplishment, in his mind, is being able to perform even the smallest daily tasks. Before starting therapy, Mike had pain tying his shoes, and even admitted to buying slip-on shoes to avoid the pain. He also had extreme pain getting in and out of the car. He was unable to sit or stand for more than15 minutes at a time.

Now, Mike is an avid believer in the power of physical therapy. He is now able to go on long walks, tie his shoes (no more slip-ons), and get in & out of the car pain free. He is constantly surprised by how many of the little things he CAN do and says, “I never imagined what it would be like lo wake up without pain.” Mike is now getting back into golfing, an activity he was unable to participate in for years!

Following advice leads to full functionality

“l first came to Spine & Sport around the middle of March. The quarantine had just begun and l had been working out at home. I was using a home pull-up bar fastened to a door frame. During my set, the pull-up bar had come loose from the door frame and I came crashing down. My legs were pinned behind my back and I landed with all my weight on my right foot. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a third metatarsal fracture. This was the first time I had ever broken a bone and I was quoted a 6-week recovery time. Before PT, I couldn’t do anything. I could barely put any weight on my foot.

l initially planned to go to only one PT session and use all of the exercises they prescribed on my own at home. Kim had advised me that lF l were to go this route, it could permanently affect the way l walk for the rest of my life. l acquiesced and began treatment. It was an arduous path, however working with Courtney, Kim and the Spine & Sport staff helped me get back to full functionality – and for that, I am forever indebted and grateful!”

– Evan T. 

Testimonial for Irvine Spine & Sport Physical Therapy from Patient Billie
Billie H.

No more trickle down pain

Billie started coming to Spine & Sport unsure about physical therapy because she had never done it in the past. Safe to say she was on the fence, but open to the possibility that PT could help her severe knee soreness. This soreness impacted both her functionality and mobility because she began to compensate by favoring the other knee. The trickle down effect it had on her gait, feet, ankles and hips impacted her everyday life with great strain.

After working with us and completing her physical therapy, she has reported a full knee recovery! She has no limitations to her everyday mobility and functions. lt is a total, happy, surprise to her because she truly believed there would be some type of residual soreness and there simply is none. She appreciated the fact that her physical therapist did not just treat the pain, but her overall body mechanics that led to true healing and showed her how to sustain that recovery. This was her first physical therapy experience and highly recommends it to those who need it. Billie hopes to never have an injury like this again, but if she does she says, “I’m coming right back.”

When asked about her experience at Spine & Sport, Billie stated that she liked the personal attention from the therapists. “I felt at ease with each one who worked with me, especially Courtney. I also appreciated Spine & Sport’s ability to work around my schedule.”