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Health Conditions

At Spine & Sport Physical Therapy, our experts can treat a wide range of health conditions, injuries and orthopedic pain and can provide post-surgical rehabilitation and other forms of recovery.

The basics of health conditions treated with physical therapy

Health conditions and injuries that can be treated with physical therapy include:

  • Work-related injuries.
  • Repetitive motion injuries, including tennis elbow and carpal tunnel.
  • Sports injuries, including concussion.
  • Chronic orthopedic pain, including back pain, spinal stenosis, herniated disc (also known as ruptured or protruded disc), neck pain, shoulder pain and arthritis.
  • Other muscle & joint pain, including from personal injuries & accidents.
  • Balance disorders and certain neurological problems.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation and recovery needs.

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Balance Disorders

Balance Disorders

Balance disorders make you feel dizzy or unstable whether moving or being still and increase your risk of injury. Physical therapy can correct these problems.
Injuries at Work

Injuries at Work

Injuries at work can cause a range of pain, strains and other issues. Physical therapy can help and is generally covered by workers’ compensation.

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All of our clinics in Southern & Northern California offer general and specialized physical therapy to improve and heal health conditions, injuries, chronic pain and more.

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