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Physical Therapy Careers

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As an employee owned company, the Spine & Sport Physical Therapy team includes expert physical therapists and many compassionate individuals who comprise our front and back-end support staff. Our mission is to empower people to unlock their human performance potential.

Spine & Sport is an equal opportunity employer looking for qualified individuals who desire to work in a dynamic rewarding environment.

We need individuals who believe and will practice three core values:

  1. Measurement.
  2. Strengthening and active care.
  3. Evidenced based medicine (EBM).

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Who we are

Spine & Sport is a group of accessible, welcoming clinics, where everyone is professionally and personally driven by our patients’ success and satisfaction. We use an innovative approach based in research and technology to get our patients back to the activities they love.

Together, we make healthy happen.


Dedicated to excellence

Teaching the physical therapists of tomorrow

We have a strong teaching program with 130 PT students in clinical rotation from prestigious schools all over the country. These students are educated in the latest technics, well-supervised and highly motivated to provide excellent care to patients.

For Spine & Sport employees only

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