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Mike Biggs Speaks To San Diego State University Students


Chief of Business Development speaks to up and coming San Diego State University Graduates at Dinner with an Aztec

Mike Biggs, Chief of Business Development, Left | Spine & Sport
Mike Biggs (left), Spine & Sport Chief of Business Development, speaks to San Diego State University students.

The San Diego State athletic department recently hosted its renowned Dinner with an Aztec event, bringing together 41 professionals from different industries and 59 senior student-athletes in a special networking event. The event is an important part of Aztecs Going Pro, which is a comprehensive, four-year student-athlete development program.

Spine & Sport Physical Therapy’s Chief of Business Development, Mike Biggs, was honored to speak to these students and professionals at the annual gathering which is centered around three foundational pillars: personal growth, career development, and civic engagement.

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