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Personal Injury Physical Therapy

The basics of personal injury physical therapy

  • We provide personal injury physical therapy when a patient has experienced a harmful, traumatic event caused by negligence or the wrongful action of others.
  • These injuries, such as whiplash from a car accident, often affect the neck and back and can cause great pain.
  • Spine & Sport Physical Therapy evaluates a patient’s injuries and creates a care plan, providing treatment to ease pain and improve physical function as needed.

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Car accidents, workplace accidents & other types of personal injury

A personal injury claim is a legal action stemming from an accident, injury or premises liability. They are traumatic events that can cause both physical and emotional pain. These are often injuries from car accidents, workplace accidents, general property injuries or bad falls.

Not all accidents are legally considered personal injury cases. If the injuries were obtained from an accident that was caused by negligence or the wrongful action of others, they may meet the legal definition of personal injury. In addition to physical pain, personal injury claims can relate to emotional injury.

Personal injury legal claims & working with an attorney

Spine & Sport Physical Therapy only treats personal injury patients who have a physical condition and are working with an attorney in pursuing a claim. This is out of an abundance of caution and the complexity of personal injury law. Although we treat personal injury accident patients, we do not offer legal advice.

What to expect from your personal injury treatment

As with all physical therapy treatment, we evaluate each patient to find the location and extent of his or her injuries. Spine & Sport then provides a personalized treatment to help ease pain and regain lost mobility to improve the patient’s level of function post-injury. We use an evidence-based approach to treating a personal injury case, just as we would any other type of injury.


Spine & Sport Physical Therapy implements a combination of evaluations based on the injuries a patient has sustained. These evaluations assess a patient’s pain, strength, range of motion and integrity of musculoskeletal structures, as indicated by the specific injury.

The information we gather helps us understand the injuries we will work to heal and can provide necessary information for any personal injury claims. We may use the McKenzie method of mechanical diagnosis for a spinal injury.

Care plans and treatments

Treatment for our personal injury patients depends on the injuries and the individual’s recovery goals. We create a care plan by considering the patient’s typical everyday movements (such as sitting, standing, reaching or lifting) and the impairments that were found on the examination.

Therapy sessions will be designed to heal the injured area and improve the patient’s quality of life by improving mobility and reducing pain during daily activities. Treatment that has been shown to work most effectively includes active rehabilitation through strengthening and functional exercises, aerobic conditioning, manual therapy, patient education on expectations for recovery, and a home exercise program.

Treatment sessions will take place at a Spine & Sport Physical Therapy clinic, although we also assign each patient a home exercise program to be completed on their own at home. Completing this program outside of regular appointments helps to maximize the benefits of therapy.

Get informed about personal injury PT

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Neck pain, back pain & other common personal injuries

Although a wide range of conditions can result from these incidents, the most common complaints and injuries we treat are:

  • Neck pain and low back pain.
  • Disc injuries.
  • Whiplash injury.
  • Concussions.
  • Impaired cognition.
  • Headaches.

Head and neck injury, including concussions and whiplash

Concussions, headaches, neck pain and whiplash can occur when the body experiences a traumatic event like a car accident or bad fall. This is usually caused by the head suddenly and forcefully moving back and forth, leaving the patient with pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Shoulder and back injury, including fractures and herniated disc

Auto accidents can often cause damage to the back and shoulders. These can include fractures, sprains and strains. They can also cause herniated discs in which the soft center of the spinal disc pushes through the tough outer casing. This may lead to compression of a nerve and cause nerve-related symptoms.

Other minor or chronic injury & pain

In addition to the previously mentioned conditions, our care plans and treatments can address any musculoskeletal injury sustained in the accident.

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All of our clinics in Southern & Northern California offer personal injury evaluation and physical therapy treatment.

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