Pilates at Rancho Santa Margarita Clinic

How to sign up for a Pilates class

Please note that pilates classes are only offered at our Rancho Santa Margarita location.

You can register for one of our Pilates classes on the MindBody app (recommended) or via the sign up button below. The MindBody app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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 Pilates classes offered

All Levels

A general Pilates class designed for everyone, regardless of fitness or activity level! Our instructors customize exercises for each participant based on their experience.

Jump Board

Improve your fitness while taking your Pilates class to the next level with Jump Board.  If you’re looking to burn some extra calories while enjoying Pilates, this class is for you.

Power Hour

The Pilates Power Hour is designed for Pilates Pros. Sign up for this class if you are very comfortable with the All Levels Pilates class and are looking for a challenge.

Post Rehab

This class is intended for those recovering from an injury, coming out of or currently undergoing physical therapy, or have a chronic condition that you want to continue to improve.

Buff Bones® Pilates for Strong Bones

A safe form of exercise for those with osteoporosis, osteopenia, and/or arthritis. The bone strengthening and balance enhancing exercises performed in a Buff Bones® workout are designed to improve strength, balance & posture.

Pilates pricing options

Introductory deal

10 classes | $150 (no expiration)

One month unlimited (30 classes) | $175

Group Pilates classes – 8 participant limit

Single | $30 each

8 Classes | $160 ($20 per class)

Auto renewal monthly memberships

30 Day Pass – Up to 30 classes | $239

30 Day Pass – 12 classes a month | $180

30 Day Pass – 8 classes a month | $145


Single | $70 each (expires 30 days from purchase date)

5 Sessions | $340 (expires 60 days from purchase date)

10 Sessions | $650 (expires 120 days from purchase date)

The annual pass – unlimited

Unlimited classes – 12 Months | $2,400

Auto renewal monthly memberships details

  • Your membership/contract is on an auto renewal basis. The credit card on file will be charged on the same date of each month.
  • If you need to suspend your monthly membership due to vacation or personal reasons, there will be a $15 suspension fee for 30 days. If a doctor’s note is provided for medical reasons this fee may be waived.
  • To cancel your auto renew membership you must give a 30 days written notice. (If your membership renews on the first of the month you would need to give a written notice on the first of the prior month to cancel your membership. For example, if your membership renews on the first of the month and you want to cancel your membership on April 1, you need to give a written notice by March 1 so that you are not charged on April 1. If you waited until March 3 to cancel your membership you would be charged on April 1.)
  • Your classes activate the date you purchase your membership.
  • Pilates classes can be rolled over for an additional 30 days. For example,  classes with activation date of July 29 would expire 60 days later, Sept. 26.

Late Cancellation Policy

Each client is allotted to one free or “freebie” late cancellation or no show per month. After the one “freebie” is used for a late cancellation or no show the client will be charged as if they had attended the class.  Monthly unlimited member are subject to a $10 fee after their “freebie” has been used. The $10 fee is charged to the clients credit card on file.

Pilates history

The Pilates method was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century during World War I as a means for rehabilitation for injured soldiers.

With a focus on the core, Pilates is made up of low-impact exercises that aim to build strength and improve posture, balance and flexibility. Rather than bulking the muscles, the Pilates method works to tone and lengthen the muscles, while also working to align the spine.

Benefits of pilates

There are many benefits to Pilates including:

  • Improved flexibility & posture.
  • Strengthening of the body in its entirety.
  • Increased body awareness.
  • Low-impact, lessens the chance of injury.

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