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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a specialized medical profession that provides individually tailored programs that help patients improve mobility and balance, decrease pain, and maintain or regain independence.

Our therapists can help individuals who face a wide range of conditions and challenges, including orthopaedic injuries, neurological problems, back/neck pain, joint-related disorders (such as arthritis), balance problems, and post-surgical rehabilitation. The therapist, physician and patient work together as a team to meet progressive recovery goals. Treatments may include manual therapy (hands-on); stretching and strengthening exercises; balance training activities; therapeutic exercise in water (pool therapy); and patient education to promote healing and avoid re-injury.

Our treatment philosophy combines skilled hands-on physical therapy with superior patient education, conditioning, and specific strengthening/stretching programs. Objective measurements are utilized to chart patient progress and outcomes. This multi-faceted approach is designed to restore functional movement, relieve pain and promote healing and recovery. Our emphasis on teaching injury prevention and healthy behaviors helps patients to maintain the improvements made as a result of their therapy and return more rapidly to their work and activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy Examples