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Pilates Instructor: Is this a Job or Hobby?


Pilates instructor helps woman with her workout | Spine & Sport PT Rancho Santa Margarita, CA ClinicI had a friend say to me once, “You need a real job and stop this hobby nonsense.” I was a bit offended by her comment but in the next thought I said, “No, I don’t.”

You see this “hobby” that I call Pilates is actually my real job. And frankly, I don’t consider it work. Why? Because I love what I do. I get to help others and change their lives. I work four hours a day, pick up my kids after school, work out when I want, go to Costco on off hours (thank goodness) and can afford to live in Southern California.

So why is this not considered a real job? Because I am not working 16 hour days, stressed out and exhausted and have no time for myself and my family? That sounds fun! Not…

I did some research on Pilates instructor jobs and they are at an all-time high. Franchises, corporate gyms as well as boutique studios, are opening up the job market in a frenzy.

Pilates instructors work full time or part time with benefits

What if you could control how much you worked? If you need a part-time gig, choose your part-time hours. If you are looking to fill your time with a full-time position, choose a full-time gig! The flexibility of your hours as a Pilates instructor is great. So not corporate-like!

Travel or stay local

Take your work on the go or find a studio close to home. If your dream is to travel, make money while doing so! If you’d like to find a home-based studio, there are several to choose from. You may even choose a few different ones local to your home.

Work out of your home, studio or gym setting

How does working out of your home sound? Your clients can come to you and pay you directly! Rather work from a studio where you can host group classes & private sessions and not be responsible for all of the work? Find a studio or gym!

Sounds like a lot of opportunity and job security to me! I get contacted daily for job positions. It is nice to be able to pick and chose where I want to work, the hours I want and be able to negotiate my pay. But the best part is I get to refer my students, friends and colleagues because there are so many jobs available. Pilates is still in demand and still is for everybody.

Hmmmm. Real job or not, I choose this “hobby” because I am happy, healthy and in demand.

Become a Pilates instructor

Pilates Teacher Training Orientation is on Saturday, May 4 from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at our Spine & Sport Physical Therapy Rancho Santa Margarita location.