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A New Form of Pilates Teacher Training


Pilates is popular! New studios are popping up on every corner – you may even say it’s like the new Starbucks. The term “Pilates” now rolls off the tongue of most people and doesn’t seem so foreign. Medical facilities, including physical therapy clinics, are using the form of exercise to help their patients in the healing process. So what’s next in the world of Pilates?

Over the past few years, our team has discussed the idea of creating a Pilates Teacher Training Program that does more than just teach anatomy, Pilates exercises and how to use the equipment. What if we created a Pilates Training Program that incorporates what we do as a clinic … using Pilates to help varying populations with different ailments, injuries and medical conditions? That’s when we found Amy Cady!

Partnership with Amy Cady of AC Pilates

As we dug deeper into the idea of a different teaching program, we came across a local fitness expert who has years of Pilates & training under her belt – Amy Cady. Amy created her own Pilates Teacher Training Program that even some of our own instructors have gone through in the past. After talking with Amy, the Envision Sport team (now part of Spine & Sport Physical Therapy) knew we had finally found our answer to what’s next? A Pilates Teacher Training Program right here in our studio in Rancho Santa Margarita!

Meet Amy CadyAmy Cady, Pilates Teacher Training expert | Spine & Sport Physical Therapy | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA clinic

Author, coach and fitness expert Amy Cady, MFA, has more than 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is PMA certified, certified in Pilates from Studio du Corps, and formerly a pre/post-natal Master Trainer for The Center of Women’s Fitness. She is also Pink Ribbon certified and teaches BBU curriculum for the AC Pilates Teacher Training Program as recognized by the PMA.

She continuously takes numerous intensive workshops from Pilates elders and master teachers in the field. She brings to her teaching a unique background in mind-body fitness and dance influenced by traditional exercises of Joseph Pilates and other modern techniques. She has trained the unconditioned client all the way to the talents of Cirque du Soleil.

Amy has been featured in many magazines, including Pilates Style and Today’s Woman, spreading her philosophy that fitness is an integral part of becoming a successful woman. Named an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, she is also a visiting instructor on the online platform Pilates Anytime. She is also the founder of ABC Pilates in Laguna Niguel, California. In 2012, she launched her popular Skinnylates system with the release of a fitness DVD and her book, Get The Skinny On Your Success.

Pilates Teacher Training Program

The AC Pilates Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive, extended training program that includes: Anatomy, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel. During this training, you will receive individualized attention, access to state of the art equipment, flexible scheduling and access to Amy via phone, email and in person appointments during the duration of your training. In addition to learning the work, you will also learn how to teach with skill and confidence multiple populations with varying injuries & ailments.

Trainees will go deeper into the understanding of beginner to advanced Pilates exercises, physical and verbal execution, cueing, structuring of classes and teaching multi-level groups. Trainees will graduate with the knowledge needed to teach multi-level and multi-equipment Pilates classes.

The Pilates Teacher Training Program date

We are excited to announce that our Spine & Sport Physical Therapy Pilates Teacher Training Program begins May 4, 2019, at our Rancho Santa Margarita location at 11:30 a.m. If you would like to take your love of Pilates to the next level by becoming a certified instructor, please fill out the application for qualification. If you have anymore questions about the Program or are ready to sign-up, please contact Amy at [email protected] or call (802) 321-8218.